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‘This Is England’ new season confirmed for 2014

The coming of age adventures of Woody and the gang are confirmed to return to Channel 4 next year.

Stephen Graham, who played Combo in the film and subsequent series, confirmed that the new season will follow up on the gang in 1990, and will definitely be going into production next year.

“This Is England” was originally a 2006 independent film, centering on a young bullied boy who finds support in a closely knit group of skinheads in 1983 working class England. The film explored the skinhead subculture characteristic of the time, with some of the members of the group leading the boy down a malicious, racist path.

The movie, produced by Channel 4’s film division, spawned two television series that followed up on the gang in 1986 and 1988 as they struggled through the British recession and family strife.

The series was originally commissioned for 2012, but series creator and writer Shane Meadows was forced to delay the new series after signing on to film a documentary on the reunion of The Stone Roses. “[‘This Is England ’90′] was the one I was looking forward to the most because I was going to get to use the Roses’ music,” Meadows explained at the time. “And the only thing that could have superseded me doing that was the Roses themselves reforming and asking me to make that film. It was kind of like whatever I’m doing, I’ll put down because that’s like the job of the world for me.”

The delay prompted some fans of the sequel series, which will look at rave culture and revolve around the 1990 FIFA World Cup, would be stalled indefinitely. Graham assuaged these fears, stating “Shane is doing the Stone Roses documentary, but we’re definitely gonna do [the new series] next year… my character is going to be coming out of prison, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

As a fan of the series, I can say I genuinely am looking forward to that too!