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27 May 2014   No Comments

It sometimes feels that the British film industry only makes about three or four different kinds of movies: dreadful gangster films that rarely get a release abroad, gritty social realism pictures, period costume dramas, and semi-quirky comedies with a tearjerking side, exemplified by something like “Billy Elliot” or “The Full Monty,” but more often turning out like “Calendar Girls” or “Song For Marion.” The latter category might be the most

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8 January 2013   No Comments

 When Series 3 of the British science fiction comedy drama Misfits came to an end this time last year, it was difficult to imagine what could happen next and which characters would even return if the series were to continue. With the revelation that most of the cast would not be reprising their roles in this new series, and that the series would instead be led by original member Curtis

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8 January 2013   No Comments

This week’s Ripper Street plays out like a post-watershed Oliver Twist. Here’s Jamie-Lee’s review… This review contains spoilers. 1.2 In My Protection Imagine your worst nightmare: a plague of zombies, an infestation of giant spiders under the bed, or a massive scratch on your limited edition The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray … Now try and fathom something far more evil and you will have a vague idea of the level

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23 December 2012   No Comments

The E4 show’s fourth season bows out on an episode that is more Misfits than anything else we’ve seen this year… This review contains spoilers. With series five confirmed for next year, this series finale of Misfits ends with suggestion and promise rather than the emotional climax we were handed last year. There’s madness, death, romance and – finally – powers, and it all adds up to become an episode

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12 December 2012   No Comments

A week away from its series 4 finale, Misfits serves up a depressingly throwaway episode… This review contains spoilers. After last week’s strong outing, it seems Misfits has been restored to default settings for episode seven, even if none of the elements of this episode make much sense when thrown together. There’s karaoke, there’s a weird sex scene, there’s a sequence where Rudy gets to be naked, there’s a slightly

Misfits Reviews TV Updates
6 December 2012   No Comments

First thing I’d like to say is, it’s nice to see the group outside of the Community Center for the whole episode (which has never been done in Misfits history). It was a good thing too, because we get to see that not all the bad things in the English world happen around the Community Center. This episode specifically takes place in one apartment building, separated between three rooms. The

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7 November 2012   No Comments

This week on Misfits, the gang manage to squeeze as much trouble as possible out of posing as models for a group of blind sculptors. Believe it or not, this actually allows ol’ sour puss Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) to have a little fun as he does his best to charm pretty blind girl Ally and feuds with horndog Rudy (Joseph Gilgun). But the majority of episode 4.02’s drama takes place

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22 October 2012   No Comments

The series four Misfits opener reveals a darker show, but still one that fans know and love. Here’s Caroline’s spoiler-free review… Before getting into this series four opener, I want to acknowledge how monumental a task the Misfits team had on their hands this year. Series three was hampered by one missing cast member in Robert Sheehan, but here there were three, and it must have seemed nigh-on impossible to sort

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16 October 2012   No Comments

Set in the near future, Lockout follows ex-government agent, Snow (Pearce), who is falsely convicted of espionage and murder, whose one chance at obtaining freedom lies in the dangerous mission of rescuing the President’s daughter (Grace) from the vicious rioting inmates in the outer space maximum security prison, MS-One. Capturing everything that was great about 80s action movie cinema and updating it with modern-day CGI, Lockout is essentially Die Hard