Enemy of Man Joe Movies Updates
6 April 2014   No Comments

THANK YOU!!! We simply cannot thank you all enough for making this film a reality. We wouldn’t be here without you all believing in the potential of this film, the filmmakers and the cast. The amount of support and enthusiasm the project has received across social media has been nothing less than incredible. It was truly you guys that made this happen! It has been a very emotional, inspiring and

Joe Movies Updates
25 March 2014   No Comments

Today we are delighted to be able to confirm two new cast members! We are even more pleased to be able to bring the news to you first – the people who have backed and supported Enemy of Man. So without further ado, the two new cast members are… Joe Gilgun exploded onto the acting scene with his portrayal of Woody in Shane Meadow’s This is England. He has since

Joe Movies Updates
19 March 2014   No Comments

An independent feature film of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth starring Sean Bean, Rupert Grint and Charles Dance. The Lure of Ambition Enemy of Man is an ambitious feature length retelling of William Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, Macbeth. This will be the feature directorial debut of actor Vincent Regan. Vincent is no stranger to Shakespeare. Although known for such films as The Messenger, 300, and Troy, he is a veteran of the Royal

Movies Updates
15 June 2013   No Comments

New Joe project to look forward to in 2014! Enemy of Man, Joe will play Gallow – check out the IMDB page here.