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Rudy Richard Nairn was born in 1975 in Kent, England and has been drawing cartoons and caricatures ever since his chubby baby fingers grasped a pen.

A messpent childhood glued to Warner Bros and Disney cartoons led to an obsession that continues to this very day.

At school Richard would draw his teachers (much to their annoyance) in exercise books which would end up confiscated, destroyed or passed around the pub to raucous laughter, while Richard sat in detention stealing chalk.

In 1993 he attended the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury. It soon became clear to the frustrated tutors that he had no intention of embarking on a career as a “proper” artist – where they chop cows in half and stuff – when a prolific output of cartoons first appeared during fine art.

The new millennium saw Richard team up with college friend Robert Martin to create Pantomime Press, where they produced comic books for all ages. Under Pantomime Press’ banner Richard created among others, the Dr. Ripper’s Multiplex series and the aptly named Cursed Cartoonist.

Untitled-9Finally, after a decade of “proper” jobs and part-time cartooning, Richard finally took the inky plunge and became a full-time Cartoonist/Caricaturist. He hasn’t looked back since – well, maybe once or twice – just to watch out for infuriated art tutors and affronted teachers with pitchforks and flaming torches.

Now you can find Richard drawing caricatures all over the UK, including a regular pitch in the victorian streets of Dickens World and is available for weddings, parties, street events, and, oh, and special occasion, frankly.

His Jospeh Gilgun related art is absolutely amazing and it is my pleasure to share his work with you all. A big thank you to Richard for allowing me to use his art for this article.



Please check out Richard’s official website and take a look at his galleries full of brilliant and amazing art!

Don’t forget to follow Richard on Twitter!

Media Updates
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I have put together a video archive, have a look!

Joe Gilgun Network – Video Archive

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1Ok, so you’ve got the book, the scripts, the iPhone cover, and the t-shirt… we know what you’re thinking… “NOW WE WANT THE RUDDY MISFITS TRADING CARDS!” Yep, that’s definitely what you were thinking, we know.

So we made them. What are they? Each set contains nine licensed Misfits collector cards with pictures of the gang on them, complete with typically rude, suitable cheeky, wholly inappropriate quotes. Flip each one over and join all nine together, and they form a bloody great Misfits puzzle too. PLUS, you can also collect some online only cards too, for anyone that wants to carry them around on their phone or tablet or what not.

You can buy sets of cards for £4.95 each, or the entire set, uncut, like a delicious poster/print for £14.95.

Only the first few series are available at the mo, but more will be released soon.



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Cristina over at Joe Gilgun Army has put together this amazing birthday project for Joe, the details are below:

“My idea is to create a virtual book with fans messages, pictures, drawings, comics, parodies, poems etc. Joe/Rudy/Woody related, plus a funny video message. I was also thinking of a tattoo, designed especially for him by the fans, but I know it would be a hard challenge! The deadline is on February 28th. I will send all to Joe’s sister, Rosie, so he will surely see it.
This is just an idea, but any suggestions would be very welcome”

Please send all submissions to and don’t forget to follow Joe Gilgun Army on Twitter!

Let’s all get invloved and help make Joe’s birthday special!

TV Updates
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Joe’s episode of Ripper Street – In My Protection is now available on iTunes –here-!

Events Updates
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An Evening With ‘This Is England’
DOORS AT 19:00
You can buy a total maximum of 10 tickets for this event

Buy your tickets –here

TV Updates
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“A woman and a burglar engage in a psychological game of tennis with haunting consequences.”

Joe will play a character named Jerry, more info on this project as it’s released.

View the IMDB page for Tennis -here-

TV Updates
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Joe’s episode of Ripper Street will air on Saturday, January 26 at 9/8c on BBC America!

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If you want to be part of Joe’s bday project you can send pics, messages, suggestions and everything you want here:

Don’t forget to follow Joe Gilgun Army on Twitter!

Misfits Reviews TV Updates
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 When Series 3 of the British science fiction comedy drama Misfits came to an end this time last year, it was difficult to imagine what could happen next and which characters would even return if the series were to continue. With the revelation that most of the cast would not be reprising their roles in this new series, and that the series would instead be led by original member Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), recent additions Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) and Seth (Matthew McNulty), and new characters Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen), it could either pick up quite suitably, or, more than likely, could go completely downhill. Fortunately, whilst the series will never be as good without its original cast members together, it worked out quite well.

After the death of Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Simon (Iwan Rheon) and with Kelly (Lauren Socha) running off to Africa, Series 4 picks up with this newly reformed group of young offenders who have been sentenced to work in a community service programme together, each with an individual supernatural power which they were left with after a strange electrical storm that took place in Series 1.

Now, also joined by outcast Abbey (Natasha O’Keeffe) and barman Alex (Matt Stokoe), the group are faced with a new and intense probation worker (Shaun Dooley), even more zombies, a genital-stealing transsexual, a nun who can summon the four horseman of the apocalypse, and a suit-wearing bunny yielding a baseball bat. And there we were thinking it couldn’t go anywhere else.

Written by Sam Liefer and Ben Edwards under the direction of lead writer Howard Overman (Merlin, Vexed), Misfits has always been a show known for its explicit language, constant sexual innuendoes, occasional bloody violence, and its generally messed up set of characters who manage to make us laugh for whole episodes at a time. Fortunately, all of this remains, as the script continues to come off quite fresh with jokes avoiding any over-use, and the whole premise of the show upholds its originality.

Although none of the original cast members remain by the end of this new series, the new characters that we come to know certainly do a fairly decent job of replacing them and keeping old fans engaged. Joseph Gilgun’s Rudy is constantly hilarious, Nathan McMullen’s Finn is always awkward but often sweet, and Karla Crome’s Jess is a bit like Alisha and Kelly mixed together, though her character does become far too moody to really care about by the end.

It’s Gilgun’s character, Rudy, who remains the show’s strongest element, though. The This Is England star successfully holds the group, and the new series, together, stretching out from his confined misogynistic role with a story evolved around a third Rudy and also the possibility of love. His talents are really able to shine in this series, giving somewhat emotional performances that always manage to provoke an audience reaction in some way.

An aspect that seems to take a back-seat in this new series, however, is the powers of the ‘Misfits’ themselves. Finn never really experiments with his telekinetic power, although we know that one day he will be able to do something great with it, Jess only uses her X-ray vision a number of times, and we are yet to know if Abbey and Alex even have their own, although there are stories around how they have each been effected by a power in some other way.
It has certainly been a series of a progressive transition, but by doing a great job of letting us to get to know the new characters individually and successfully setting up their new relationships, it seems to find itself towards the end. Now that a fifth series has officially been commissioned, as well, we can hope to see the gang explore their powers more from here.

As we are left on quite an exciting cliff hanger, the new series definitely leaves us with promise. It might not have been as good as it used to be but it is still pretty good, and there’s certainly much to look forward to with Series 5 already.

As Rudy puts it himself, Series 4 provides, “New powers, a hint of sexual possibilities, tears, laughter, horribly graphic violence, oh man mutilated testicles, haha yes. Something for the whole family.” And if that’s not enough to tempt you, then I don’t know what is.

Misfits Series 4 is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

Source (HeyUGuys.Co.Uk)