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6 December 2012   No Comments

First thing I’d like to say is, it’s nice to see the group outside of the Community Center for the whole episode (which has never been done in Misfits history). It was a good thing too, because we get to see that not all the bad things in the English world happen around the Community Center. This episode specifically takes place in one apartment building, separated between three rooms.

The story has two main plots once again; The first being Rudy’s (Joseph Gilgun) attempts of getting Finn (Nathan McMullen) to hook up with a girl, and the other is Jess  (Karla Crome) and Alex’s (Matt Stokoe) relationship. In Rudy’s attempt to get Finn some ‘action’, he takes the group to a party at his friend’s apartment building. When they first get there, they enter into an apartment where a wake is being held. Upon entering the real party, the group are exposed to a power that prints the number of sexual partners they have had. Rudy, with a 99 on his head spends his time trying to reach the big 100, as well as to get Finn from a 1 to a 2. There becomes a problem as Rudy leaves the party because he finds a dead girl out in the hall. He runs to Finn and Alex, explaining what he saw, stating ”There is a giant white rabbit, in a suit, and he has a golf club, and he’s out there murdering people!” The rabbit is actually a hallucination brought on by an acid trip mixed with the lightning storm. We also get to see Finn and Rudy being helpful to a girl who passed out in the hallway by putting her in the tub.

There’s also a strain on Jess and Alex’s relationship having to do with unsatisfied (sexual) needs. Viewers were in for a big surprise as we learn why Alex had, at the end of the last episode, been trying to see other men’s genitalia. It turns out that one transgender girl/boy received the power to switch body parts with other people. [S]he did this to Alex, leaving him with her parts. As my sister pointed out while we were watching, this actually makes Jess a lesbian for the time being. This episode also introduces a new member to the Misfits, Abby (Natasha O’Keeffe), who is also the girl Finn and Rudy put in the tub earlier. We don’t know her power, or anything about her past really’ and the only time we saw her, she was slamming back drinks of all kinds.

This weeks episode brought back a Misfit vibe of sex, death, and hilarious jokes in a way that makes fans as happy as they have ever been. The only problem was the lack of superpowers from the main characters. The entire show is about the lightning storm that gave the Misfits superpowers. This season however, the writers don’t seem to be focusing on that as much. Other than that, the episode was great and made a strong comeback from last week’s episode. I can only hope next week’s Misfits is just as good, or even better, than this weeks.

Misfits Episode 6-

Geek Score: 99/100

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