Misfits Spoilers Updates
16 October 2012   No Comments

Misfits producer Matt Strevens has hinted at a “bromance” for Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) in the next series.

Rudy will develop an “odd couple” relationship with new series regular Finn (Nathan McMullen), Strevens told SFX.
“We’ve upped the humor a little bit more, because as we were writing and as we cast we realized the dynamic between Joe Gilgun and Nathan McMullen… has turned into a sort of a bromance,” he explained. “They wind each other up, but they kind of love each other at the same time.”

Strevens also revealed that Finn – who has telekinetic powers – is hiding “a dark secret” from the show’s other characters.
“[That’s] revealed at the end of episode one, and then that plays into episode two,” he confirmed. “His secret informs who he is.”
Series four of Misfits – written by creator Howard Overman and Jon Brown (Fresh Meat) – will air on Channel 4 in late 2012.

The new Misfits team will face threats including “a six-foot killer rabbit” and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in eight 60-minute episodes.

Source (Digital Spy)