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4 March 2013   No Comments

Rudy Richard Nairn was born in 1975 in Kent, England and has been drawing cartoons and caricatures ever since his chubby baby fingers grasped a pen.

A messpent childhood glued to Warner Bros and Disney cartoons led to an obsession that continues to this very day.

At school Richard would draw his teachers (much to their annoyance) in exercise books which would end up confiscated, destroyed or passed around the pub to raucous laughter, while Richard sat in detention stealing chalk.

In 1993 he attended the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury. It soon became clear to the frustrated tutors that he had no intention of embarking on a career as a “proper” artist – where they chop cows in half and stuff – when a prolific output of cartoons first appeared during fine art.

The new millennium saw Richard team up with college friend Robert Martin to create Pantomime Press, where they produced comic books for all ages. Under Pantomime Press’ banner Richard created among others, the Dr. Ripper’s Multiplex series and the aptly named Cursed Cartoonist.

Untitled-9Finally, after a decade of “proper” jobs and part-time cartooning, Richard finally took the inky plunge and became a full-time Cartoonist/Caricaturist. He hasn’t looked back since – well, maybe once or twice – just to watch out for infuriated art tutors and affronted teachers with pitchforks and flaming torches.

Now you can find Richard drawing caricatures all over the UK, including a regular pitch in the victorian streets of Dickens World and is available for weddings, parties, street events, and, oh, and special occasion, frankly.

His Jospeh Gilgun related art is absolutely amazing and it is my pleasure to share his work with you all. A big thank you to Richard for allowing me to use his art for this article.



Please check out Richard’s official website and take a look at his galleries full of brilliant and amazing art!

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